Friday, May 6, 2011

Bouncing but not in a bad way

Insanity thy name is dragon ... I have discovered animoto! I have rediscovered Voki which I didn't have a lot of use for but now think I may. If I can ever figure out how to upload to my web page instead of my blog ... hmmmm .... do I have a blog on my website?

The Inspiratons of Anime and Illustration


OK, the Voki posted here does not pertain to the blog ... it does pertain to my website: where I cannot post my voki ... apparently ... LOL. But it posted here, so I will continue to work on getting it to post there ...

I just made a new Voki. See it here:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Remembering you have four blogs running is sometimes beyond the capability of the author. Now I have a place to locate all this info. I have a website!!!!! Apparently I also have marbles ...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Frustrations is not remembering which account you're signed into ... bleh.

Keeping my hand in

I think I'm gonna have to keep working on this. Outlet for my insanity and inability to type well .

Wow it's been a while

Never name a dog Dee de Dee. One, it's silly. Two, it's doomed. He was probably only about two months old. He was accidentally weened from his mom because he was sick. Huge in spirit, tiny in body. The body didn't make it. He was just too small. He leaves a really large hole in our lives. We didn't love any of the others less because he was there, we just loved all of them and we fought to keep him with us. It just was not to be.

Anyone who doesn't mourn a pet passing doesn't understand the reason for having one in the first place. RIP little one.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The world's most boring blog

Once upon a time there was an Egyptian Priest and a Pharoh's mistress/concubine/lesser wife. They fell in love, which was, of course, forbidden. They committed regicide. She died. He was mummified alive and cursed. They returned only to be defeated by a confused combination of events and people who then defeated them a second time, reversing the curse/blessing of Anubis at Ahm Shere.

You'd think that would be an end to it. That is not always the way magic works.

More than half a century passed. The American fell to age as did his English wife and her brother. Their children and grand children prospered and lost the history of their house in the approach of the new century and the new millenium. Ahm Shere lay forgotten beneath the sand. The Medjai, no longer the guardians of Hamanuptra and as certain as they could be that the threat of Imhotep was over, became just another set of bedouin in the great desert of Northern Africa.

Ardeth Bey, young leader of the tribes of the Medjai, settled back into his life of keeping his people

Friday, June 8, 2007

Losing friends

I guess when you're young, the idea of losing a friend isn't quite as painful. Or maybe it is. Loss is always a shock to the system.

Today I found out that someone I admired and got to know while taking a class with him, passed away a few weeks ago. We weren't close, but I knew he was there. Now there's another hole in my universe where this friendly, enthusiastic, full of interesting experiences and stories man used to be. And I'm saddened. He survived one bout of cancer to fall to a second one.

Mike Laurence had a long career in the movie industry. He worked on films I knew and loved as well as those of which I had seldom heard. He walked into a classroom with a class that had been dumped in his lap only days earlier and made it work. We learned and he learned. By the end of the first 12 weeks we could set up a C stand, knew what a baby was and could level a camera on a stand. We could light a set and move a dolly so that the camera onboard wasn't jerking. Some of us filmed with a Country Name for a Christmas special, one left for a real job in the industry.

The second half of the class, instead of sending us out to work on small projects, on commercials and videos and things like that, we took in the talent we had, wrote a script and then scored a real, name director to help us shoot the 50 minute movie about a local boy who didn't quite make good, in spite of one heck of an idea. We spent four weeks shooting the movie, we sweated, we learned and the finished product was one we were all proud to see our name in lights on.

Mike was our guiding light and our friend. He was liason between "above the line" and "below the line" and made things work when we didn't know exactly what we were doing or how to do it.

Now he's gone, and the world is a little dimmer for his passing. We'll miss you. And you'd better have places for us when we get there .....